Some guaranties are necessary



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These girls have accepted his proposal and have answered him by these two pictures.
This is a simple system to say that she accepts him as a future stable partner.
If you want, you can ask for a similar thing.
You have to decide for one woman, and after she has accepted you, you can ask for one or more of her pictures, with your one in her hands.
This will be a prove that she accepts you and a prove of the real existence of woman too.
By this system nobody can say that she is a picture only and not a real woman.
You can ask 1-2-3 pictures of her for 50 euro (expenses and service), see "Write letters to our ladies" page and  you will find how you can pay for this.


You can get the best guaranty by living some time with her


We can image you are here in Roiet, and we have introduced to you some ladies, you have decided for one and she has accepted your proposal.
Now we have to realize if she is really good for you, and if you can be the right partner for her.
The best way, the simplest way, will be to live together for some time before to take a final decision.
We can consider some possibilities like these:
You can go with her to some tourist areas, and spend 1-2-3-4 weeks together.
You can rent a furnished flat in Roiet to live with her. It will cost 4000 bath (80 euro) monthly.
We can organize this if you ask.
From every part of Thailand you can stay in contact with us by phone, and we will help you if you will have communication problems with your fiancé and with other people too.
If all will be good you will have found your new partner and she will have found her man too.
In the case things will not go well between you and her, you can return to Roiet, during the same trip or latter, and we will introduce other ladies to you.
For this second choice you will not pay anything else.
We can call this as a guaranty for you.
If you cannot travel to Thailand, it will be possible that she travels to your country.
You will have to buy the two ways flight ticket for her, send the documents she needs at your Embassy in Bangkok and our pay our fee.
This system will be more expensive for sure!

This is an idea only of what we can do for you, if you want to ask more questions you can go to "Write to us"

Ask precise questions, and you will receive clear answers.


                Mrs. Preeyarat


home guaranties correspond letters



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