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In the table below you do not need to answer to all questions.
All other information you will give to us  are welcomed.
It will be very important to send us 1-2 your good, clear pictures of yourself.
Without its isn't possible to get any decided answer from the women.
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1) How did you find this site?
2) What is your name? (surname is not necessary)
3) Your e-mail is ?(very important for our communication).
4) Do you live with your parents, in rented house, or in your own house?
5) Where do you live? (country, town)
6) What is your marital status? (bachelor, divorced, widow ...)
7) What are your age, height and weight?
8) What is your occupation?
9) Your yearly income is?
10) Are you willing to travel to Thailand?
11) Will you pay the expenses after you will get guaranties? See (guaranties.htm)
12) Can you send us 1-2 of your good picture
13) Do you mind if your lady cannot speak English?
14) What is the age range you are looking for?
15) Do you ask for a virgin woman?
16)Are you interested in meeting a divorced lady?
17) Do you mind if has she children?
18) Do you want to meet her in Thailand to see her living stile?
19) Do you ask her to come to your country without a firs meeting in Thailand?
20) What is the education level she should have (high school, university)?
21) How tall she should be and what is her maximum weight?
22) Do you ask she takes medical exams and will you agree to pay for them?
23) Do you ask she takes English lessons? See (school.htm)
24) Do you ask to correspond with her before meeting? See (letters.htm)


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