Collaboration with us

Today from years we have some collaborators in Australia, Canada, Germany and Italy, our goal is to grow up this number.
The collaborator has to find clients interested on our services into his living area or far of it (example by Internet)
What do we intend for client??
A person interested on our service with clear idea to pay for it
Which have to be the connection betwin the collaborator and us??
We think to give a percent on gain that collaborator procures to us.
We can pay by bank system.
Our main services
1) Correspondence with one or more women (go on Write letters to our ladies )
The collaborator, if he thinks is necessary, con take for himself his client-address and make a passage in this manner.
Client, collaborator, us, woman and therefore.... woman, us, collaborator, client.
2) To meet in Roiet-Thailand some our women and therefore to decide for one.
3) Arrive of the woman to your country after your meeting in Thailand (with marriage documents and without)
4) Arrive of the  woman in your country without your before meeting in Thailand (if it is possible) with marriage documents and without its.
5) Marriage in Thailand
6) English school (go on English lessons for your partner )
Our secondary services
7) To procure households
8) To procure assistants for old people
We offer to our collaborators a percent that doesn't change our service costs

It is absolute obvious that we will pay after the client from collaborator has ended his debt with us, never before.
Who can be interested on this project, man or woman, can write us  we will be more precise on explain it.
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Mrs. Preeyarat Oreste