Women interested to correspond with you using me as translator  with the goal to start a relationship.


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Read down instructions with attention


Instructions how to correspond
You will choose one or more women from above or, if you prefer, from our 6 pages site.
Then, you will send us by e-mail 1-2 good pictures of yourself, and your profile.
We will speak to these women, and we will tell  you those are interested, so you can write to them.
We will translate your letters (not too long) to them and we will translate their answers to you.
For every letter and answer the price will be 12.5 Euro.
If you want to make a payment by PayPal you can click on the button below..
You will find our PayPal page in Italian, but when you will put your credit card, it will change into language your card comes from.
If you want to pay by wire transfer, we will ask you to make a payment for at least 10 letters (125 Euro) using the following account.
Bangkok Bank
 Branch Ratchakandamnern rd.
Roiet Thailand
Mr. Sergio Oreste
No 536 0 30534 5
This is the simplest possibility we can offer you to contact our women.
If you prefer, you can correspond with more than one woman, to realize who can be the best for you.
Women lised on this page love corresponding  more than the other .
I'll be always happy to answer all your questions.
Mrs. Preeyarat Oreste



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