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When you will arrive to Bangkok international airport you have to change a small amount of money in Bath (Thai currency)
You will find many exchange offices in the airport with similar exchange rate. The approximate rate is:

1 euro = 45 bath

1 US$ = 33 bath

You can fly to Khon Kean which is 120 Km far from Roiet. There are 3 flights daily:
If you decide to go to Khon Kean have to change airport in Bangkok, it is connected by airport bus.

Daily flies to Khon Kean by "Thai" company

      from Bangkok                 to Khon Kean                  from Khon Kean                      to Bangkok
             6.15                                7.10                                    7.50                                  8.45
           11.20                              12.15                                   13.00                                 13.55
           19.15                              20.10                                   20.55                                 21.50
The ticket (one way only) will cost 2805 Bath (62 euro)
After you will land in Khon Kean you can use the taxi service from the airport to Roiet for 1200-1400 Bath ($40 US), and you will arrive to Roiet in 90 minutes.
Roiet City hotel
It is a 5 stars hotel, in the town center, with a very good restaurant, but without summing pool.
See "Roiet City hotel"

Petcharat Garden hotel

It is 5 stars hotel at the town border, it is modern with a nice swimming pool.
See " Petcharat Garden hotel"
Mai Thai hotel
It is 5 stars at the town border, with a good restaurant, dancing club and massage center.
See "Mai Thai hotel"

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From Petcharat Garden there is a minibus service to Roiet airport (150 Bath) and to Khon Kean airport (500 Bath).
In hotels all room have telephone so you can call us at every time. Our house is not far from the hotels, only 10 minutes by car.


home roiet guaranties correspond
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