It is a small, nice town 540 Km in North East part of Bangkok from Khmer origin

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Roiet is a small town in I-San region with more than 1000 years of history, comes from Khmer period.
This population come from actual Cambodia with a culture received indirectly from India
They built up palaces and temples of unique beauty and its richness was so great to keep its on functional mode was necessary to remove so big richness in continuation way that it was the main cause of country decline.
Today yet we have wonderful ruins, a mixed of Italian Renaissance and Spanish baroque into an oriental harmony, Angkor in Cambodia is the most important testimony.
Roiet was a part of that empery, of that nonsense waste so important for oriental populations.
Stone ruins, testimony of fantastic architecture, unique in theworld, are everywere here.
How you can arrive to Roiet

By plane.
A modern airport, 10 Km from town, connects Roiet to Bangkok.
The ticket costs about 40 euro and the flight time is 45-50 minutes.
The flights are not frequent, only one per day.
If you want, we can book a seat for you.
We will wait for you in the airport.
Roiet airport at right.


By bus
Frequent busses connect Bangkok to Roiet
The trip takes almost7 hours, with one stop of 20-30 minutes.
Tickets are cheap, and you can get first or second category bus with air conditioned. Don't take the third one becasue it stops to much.
We will wait for you at the bus station.
Busses station at your left.

Where you can stay



Hotel Roiet City

It is a 5 stars hotel in centre of the town.
It has the best restaurant in Roiet for Thai  and Western food.
To know more  "Roiet City Hotel" and "How book and stay in Roiet hotel"


Hotel Petcharat Garden

It is a 5 stars hotel in the town periphery. It is a good hotel with a swing pool.
To know more 
"Petcharat Garden Hotel"and"How book and stay in Roiet hotel"


Hotel Mai Thai

It is a 5 stars hotel in the town periphery, has a good restaurant, a dancing club and a massage centre.
To know more  "Mai Thai Hotel" and "How book and stay in Roiet hotel"
What you can see
Roiet is a town with circular form and it has the most important part in the centre.
There are many Temples to visit .
In Wat Burapa  we have the biggest stand-up Buddha sculpture in Thailand.
The giant of gold colour that looks over Roiet. The stand-up Buddha, the tallest in Thailand.


This is Wat Klangmingmuang Roi-et
with the typical outside stairs and  7 heads dragon as ornament.
On right the rich door.
Down the label of Wat.
Classic Thai temple in center of the old town.
Small Thai temple into Khmer ruins.
In Roiet there's a rich Chinese community with its own culture
Modern Chinese temple on the left side.


Rich ingress of Chinese temple.
The best part of Roiet is its centre, this is an artificial island with monuments on ground and on water, with typical gardens and nice paths to walk around.
Three bridges connect the island to the town.
The canal around the island is full of big red and gold fishes, same are 100 years old.
Beauty of Roiet


Canal around island
Roiet's arc door

Khmer's ruins
Khmer's ruins of a big temple near Roiet.

Ruins of a small Khmer temple .

In Roiet we have a good, modern museum to realize Roiet's history.

An aquarium in central part, made in Khmer stile, is a good place to visit.


I hope I was able to give you an idea about my town.
This is not very important, it isn't a rose or an orchid, but it is a wild flower as this....

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With a smile

Mrs. Preeyarat Oreste

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