If you want to offer flowers, cakes, bonsais or other things to the woman you are interested in, we can help you with this, flowers are an universal language you can use to express your feelings for her.


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Read the instructions at the bottom of this page


One rose or two dozen of  roses speak a language easy to understand for all women on word all.

(from 10 to  25 euro)




White roses the symbol of purity and innocent beauty.

(from 10 to 25 euro)



Mixed roses.

(from 10 to 20 euro)





Mixed roses.

(from 10 to 20 euro)




(from 15 to 30 euro)

Birth age cake and chocolates.

(from 20 to 40 euro)




(from 20 to 40 euro)




(from 20 to 40 euro)



One dozen of roses

(from 20 to 30 euro)



Flower vases in small compositions

(from 20 to 30 euro)



Special bonsais

(from 30 to 50 euro)





Choose the gift you want to send to your lady.
Write a short letter to her if you want.
We will translate in Thai language and send it together to your gift.
You will decide how much you want to pay for your gift and how it will pay for it.
After you will make the payment, our man will take it to her together with your short letter in the same day.

You can also make a payment by electronic transfer to our bank.

Bangkok Bank  
Branch Ratchakandamnern rd.
Roiet Thailand
Mr. Sergio Oreste
No 536 0 30534 5

You can also send an international money order at this address:

 Mrs. Preeyarat Oreste
78 Moo18
T.Robmuang A.Muang
Roiet 45000
This is a simple way we can help you to show her clearly your interest.
All the women in the world love flowers and kakes, and particulary Thai women.
I will be happy to give you more information about this subject or others.
With best regards,

Mrs. Preeyarat





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