Married women
They have families and many sons too

I have married an Italian man

I have a nice husband I have son and husband I have two sons and my family is in Italy

I live in Italy with an Italian man

I have a partner from Rome

I work in husband's restaurant in Italy

I had a Thai husband, now he is Italian

I have a good husband

I have married an Italian

My partner comes from Italy

I will go to Australia with my partner

I have Italian husband

I have a son with a South Italian man

I live in Norway with European man

I got a son with an Europen man

I have an Europen husband

I live in Italy with my man

I live in Naples with my man

I have an husband from Sicily

I live in Sardenia with my man

I will be mather in short time

I have a western husband

I have a Swizland husband

This is a small part of the Thai women who found their life partner using our agency.
The youngest is 18 years old and the oldest 48.
Many of them are married in Europe
They are happy women because they have a stable family and a man who loves them.
Normally Western men are more stable than the Thai men. This is a good reason for Thai women to be interested in Western partners.
In Thailand this is a common idea.
With a smile

Mrs. Preeyarat Oreste


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