Elementary English school for Thai women




For some men the question that our Thai women are not able to speak just a little English is a big problem.
We use to answer that in 5-6 months of living together she will be able to understand him and in 11-12 months she can speak a simple English.
For some it is enough, but for some others isn't, so we have decided to open a private school to give simple, basic, notion's of English.
My husband  is the responsible and teacher.
as it works

For 2 days weekly, 2 hours for lesson.


8.000 bath monthly  for collective lessons, individual lessons 10.000 bath.

where you can pay

In a bank of your country on this account or by PayPal



Bangkok Bank
 Branch Ratchakandamnern rd.
Roiet Thailand
Mr. Sergio Oreste
No 536 0 30534 5


Mrs. Preeyarat Oreste


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