On this page we have men letters and we can realize their ideas of western  women in opposition to oriental ones.
I have got parts of that or completely and are here published without names and address
If you have idea to write on arguments, your idea is welcomed and with your permission I'll put on.

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          To give you a better idea why I have lost faith in Canadian women I will tell you some reasons why.
Many years ago I was engaged to a woman, but the marriage never happened because she ran off with my best friend.
I met another woman and we were married for 26 years, but again she ran away with my so called best friend.
So as you can see Pum infidelity comes very easy to Canadian women.
I don't think I am asking too much, all I seek is a long lasting stable relationship based on love, honesty and trust.
I think a marriage is a commitment that should be made for life.
I am not divorced yet, but all the documents have been completed and filed with the court.
Since I have never been divorced before so I really don't know how long it takes, it all depends on the court.
If there is anything else you would like to know about me, feel free to ask me anything, and I will give you honest answers. 
I will keep this letter short and I will sign off now.

                                   Until next time, Have a great day.


Mrs. Fhan,

Perhaps you remember me .. doubtful and not expected.

Not exactly sure if I want to marry soon or pursue my phds in business and computer science first.   Will know my heart better on that after this summer as being a research / teaching professor now requires phd ( doctors ) at the good universities in America...  If not phd, I already have the education and work experience to easily prepare for quickly and support a traditional family.
Given that.. I am in a toss up on timing and preference for Thai or possibly Filipina.. which have no language barrier and are Catholic.
I am 45, sadly divorced twice ( 1 - Iranian, 2 - Central American ).. friendly divorces.. because when my wives decided they wanted children.. I had hoped they would be christain .. or catholic . .and when I relayed I did not want children unless both parents were Christains ( they knew this before marriage but stuck to their preferences ( Muslim, Aethest  )... their biological clocks and desires for children led them to prefer me as a good friend.. and divorced... 
Funny thing .. both became Christains after marriage.. 1st one tried get me back 3 years after divorce.. and 2nd is one of my best friends.. and I her only best friend.
However; I am still interested in your service and nice women for future when it's time for me to settle and enjoy letting a good woman enjoy having secure children with a loving nice guy like me... or I would not have taken the time to write this email or waist your time.. in reading it...
So... why the email .. 2 reasons...
1 - Your subject says 180 women.. and inside your email it says 150..  Friendly jesture to let you know as you have expanded.. this needs to be updated.
2-  Torn between Thai and Filipina.. as I am a protestant-catholic.  For sure not stupid enough to marry an american woman... They usually marry when they want children.. and then find 3 jobs too much ( career, mother, wife ) and therefore divorce and only have 2 jobs ( career and mother ).. leaving used and disposed of  husband to pay for child-support visits.. up to half of his income even if she makes more at work then he does ( old laws.. changing a bit now ).. while she finds her substitute for sex with carefully chosen boyfriends she has no need to make committment to...
USA used to be traditional, and you can teach this to your girls considering, until 1960s.. when women started to demand work / career roles and wanted sexual freedom..  Result, Americans... now suffer 50 percent divorce rate.. usually after the woman is satisfied with her desire for
I am from a traditional family.. which is very rare in USA now .. and becoming more rare every day as Americans pursue comfort and lifestyle over family and children.
My ?s are..
1 -  Are these women willing to adopt christainity..  I am both protestant and catholic.  ( protestant is any christian that is not catholic ).  I do not want a repeat of the past...
2 - How big is the language barrier...  I for one am willing for her to teach me Thai and let her enjoy raising kids speaking Thai and teaching them Thai culture at home so she never miss at least her native tongue or culture... or feel pressured to pass on a foreign culture to her children.   Of course, the babies will learn English and American culture in school..  but a half-happy wife is not my desire...  I personally do not need children.. just more responsibility and work for traditional men.. but I would never marry a woman who wants children and deny her as many as she likes and God gives her.
3 - I have learned it is cultural for husband to give money as present to family either for the parents lifestyle improvement or for them to have some insurance for the daughter should the marriage fail.
Can you detail a bit of these ( 1, 2, and 3 ) for me without having to spend allot of your precious time and send me book reference I can purchase from internet that would teach me more about the Thai culture.
Very willing to share more about life in USA with you so you can really let the women know what they might be getting themselves into if they marry an american man ( most good husbands .. most prostestant, not catholic ).  As gift, sure you already knew..  you have reminder for the girls regarding the # 1 reason an American would search out an Asian wife.
For myself, dated Thai in younger years.. wanted to marry her.. but she was asked to return to Thailand to care for her aging parents.   No internet at that time.. and her family lived in countryside as farmers... so we lost touch.

Miss Fhan :
                  How are you doing?. Yes ! i did wrote to Miss Yu , but not on the Thaiwives  -  - - anyway i have receive a message from Miss Yu from Great Dating  - so i have reply to her letter -- now please don't miss understood me - if you are trying to sell Miss Yu to me -- that is a no - no - i see it on the news everyday - selling Asian woman is common in your country - cause i see it on the News everyday -- i would think that you should forget about it -- i also do know that Miss Yu do not speak English - but not knowing English has nothing to do with someone trying to get to know each other - i am looking for someone to married and settle down and Miss Yu seems to be a good woman and that one of the reason why i have take the opportunity to write to her -- I did not know that she is for sale - In America - it is illegal to sell a woman to a man .... I guess this is all for now - i would ask Miss Yu to write to me if she is interested - it does not matter if she do not speak English - it is not hard to buy a dictionary and learn a few words - In America there millions of people married and created a family  that does not speak each other language at first - but as life goes - so do communication have become common
So Long


Miss Fang
GOD will bless you for your good deeds you are doing for other - you are like me - i love to help people  - that is my nature --anyway miss Fang - i am interested in Miss Yu - i am so sorry for not replying to your letter - however i will do so on Thursday of this week- i am in Canada with my family members - so as soon as i am back in New York  - i promise you that i will reply to your letter and please tell Miss Yu that i am very serious - If you ask me why i did not want to married an American woman since i am an American - i can tell - what you are thinking - you know 80% of American woman are whores --the world know that - please forgive me for using that word - but it is the truth -- American woman do not know the meaning of Honesty - faithfulness - sincerity - trustworthiness and they do not have a good hearth and intentions - they  cannot be trusted , i am pretty sure that you are aware of that .... all i need in my life is a faithful woman to be my wife and to created a family - that is not hard to ask for- take care of yourself and be good -
Please give my respect to Miss Yu.                
Town or country: australia
Age: 52
Job: petrol tanker driver
Message: absolutely stunning young ladies well done on your site layout . must be a hard decision for these ladies to leave their own country and be with a man they hardly know . i would love another lady in my life especially ones as devoted as these. western women can do with some lessons off them .
Love and regards
Hi you,
I'm happy to receive your messages from time to time.
I'm a business man Swiss citizen and working in Switzerland and /or Switzerland and Russia.
Always very  busy I have no time and no interest to write to any girls from your company.
I think it's quite a waste of time to write to a girl asking her if she loves flowers and their colors etc.
So if it is possible I would agree to send some pictures of myself and if possible to buy one or two girls to live with me in Bahrain where I have my one place.
Of course if it works this way I will come to your place and ''play the game'' quickly as I  will have to.
Do not worry about the money for them or the place we are going to live, I can assure you they will be very very happy and plenty of beautiful surprises every days.
And we could arrange that with my lawyers.
I  usually work  with governments in the oil field and I don't want to be disturb in my job.
And I'm sure that girls from your country will make me very safe and confident.
I already now the girls I would like B8 - C15. But if you agree with the present mail and if you are happy with my request I will be happy to have some suggestions from your part. I don't care about the amount of your fees and  the cost of their family. I just want to be happy.
So, I'm a business man, 49 years old, very easy going, no problem at all, serious, very opened minded, willing to cool down now.
Thanks for your understanding,
Mr. Xxxxx Yyyyyy
I am very interested in meeting and possibly marrying a Thai woman.
I have all my life (since serving in Vietnam) been interested in Asian women. I have given up on meeting and marrying another American woman. Almost all American women are interested in nothing but money, money, and more money.
I'm tired of it.
I want to settle down with a woman that is interested in me not how much I can provide for her.
I have for a long time been aware that Asian women have a whole different attitude about their role as a wife, as long as they have not been raised in the USA.
So I what to see about communicating with 2 of your women listed here and what kind of fees are going to be involved.
I am not a rich man so if it is very expensive then I will have to pass on by.
As for taking care of the person that agrees to be my wife, I can take very good care of them.
The two women I am interested in are #15C mainly but also #2c.
If one or both of them want to correspond with me let me know how to proceed.



I am an American, generous, sensual, without any family, and live all over the world.
I have homes in Bangkok, Thailand and Vancouver Canada.
I have an ongoing income of royalties from books I have written and dividends from my past successes and a pension.
I have a rare disease (not Aids, not contagious) that will kill me in one year.
I want to make my last year the best year of my life, and need a sensual loving (and sexy) companion to do that. So, I propose a trade. Either by contract, or by getting married, we share this next year as sensual partners and in return I leave you my money and on going income every month.
You are then free to do whatever you want to.  I am not sick, and I am not looking for a maid, or a cook, but a sexy nurse would be the best partner. 
But I do want a sensual explorer, someone who loves sex, fantasy, sharing without jealousy, and likes to travel.
Our lifestyle would be unique, with a lot of fantasy role play and exploration of our own little world of intense sensuality.
I provide full support and devotion and have no limits.
After I die, you would get about US$ 2,500 per month in royalties for the rest of your life.
I have been receiving e-mails from you for a few months now and am very impressed by the ladies I have seen on the site. 
My first wife died very young. 
My second wife decided that it was not important to tell me that she owed £10,000.00 before we got married. 
Since that episode in my life I have lost faith in western women. 
As I said I am very impressed with the ladies on this site and will be hoping to contact and receive a reply very soon.

After consideration I have looked at all the woman on your site.

I have found the below woman have gained my attention.

There for I would like to know a bit more about them and if possible receive a letter from them.

I am very interested in finding a wife, and have two close friends with ASIAN Wife's.

They seem to have a good life together, however there are several friends trying to talk me out of it as there as several negative stories about woman staying till the get there citizen ship then leaving the husband who has gone to a lot of time and effort and has fallen in love with the wife only to find that there is an agenda here and they are not as loyal as they have made out from the start.

I am hoping that I can be proven wrong from the woman I have selected to have a closer look at.

I am not a foolish dirty old man, but someone who has been married and am paying for it now.

but would like to find a woman of high morals compared to the Australian woman that seem to feel its an easy meal ticket to have kids and run off.   Sorry to sound negative but I don't wish to fall in love again to have the same thing happen to me, again.

I have a nice house and have a nice personality.  I will provide a nice secure lifestyle for the woman that I do eventually marry.  

I do know about the custom of sending some money home to the family and can live with that, as I would like to do the right thing for my wife's close ones.

 I am 43 years old this year.  And would like to have someone with whom I can spend my life with. Not just a short period, I am willing to work on a relationship as long as she is willing to let me know if there is anything bothering her, and I mean that.   Have been divorced before and would rather have a wife that will work problems out. Before they manifest into an unrecoverable situation.

Thank you for reading my ramblings, and hope that the woman I have selected find time to email me at:  if they could place a couple of nice photos with the email so I can see with whom I am reading about that would be nice.

I promise to do the same for your woman as they must feel it is a bit difficult as well.



Here are the ladies I have found interesting:

1B,,,18B,,,,(20B) real nice,,,,13A,,,2C,,,15C,,,28C,,,,3E,,,6F,,,,




home start

couples roiet flowers

visa school guaranties

letters married correspond

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